Pardon Le Dopeness [Concepteur]

Pardon Le Dopeness is a stellar Toronto based brand on the brink of exploding onto the fashion scene. Matt Adam, creator and owner of Pardon Le Dopeness recently unveiled his latest collection of t-shirts, tan-tops, leggings and accessory pieces which draw from an array of influences – Eastern religions, biblical references,  unorthodox calligraphy and provocative imagery  which all mesh together brilliantly. Each individual piece is hand drawn and printed on the softest fabric – blended bamboo and cotton for an amazing feel which has been described as ‘sex on the skin’. Notably,Pardon Le Dopeness’ recent collection differs from its predecessors as it invokes more of a darker tone which can be seen with each individual piece. This shows an evolution in the designer Matt Adam tastes and preference, importantly it demonstrates the willingness of the artist to expand and push the boundaries of art and fashion.

                         Buy online  – Pardon Le Dopeness

Check out the behind the scenes photo shoot of PLD latest release and enjoy the moody musings of Toronto Artist L3mon singing a beautiful rendition of ‘Bang Bang’ here-