Glasgow City Centre Promenade [Oeuvre]

On a chilly November afternoon, Oeuvre our street fashion initiative made its debut in Glasgow’s Centre area. We were astonished by the fashionistas we encountered in our promenade along St Enoch, Argyle street and Buchanan street. Without fail, these individuals demonstrated an unequivocally level of taste and  uniqueness in their respective fashion choices. Enjoy, share and be inspired.

‘Winter Chic at its best’ At Trongate, Glasgow City Centre . Photographed by Guo.

‘The unconventional, The intriguing.’ At Merchant City, Glasgow City Centre. Photographed by Guo

‘Ultraviolet, we approve’ At Buchanan Street, Photographed by Guo.

‘Encore, Encore,Encore’ Photographed by Guo.

‘The balance between elegance and comfort’ Photographed by Guo

At Argyle Street, High Street, Glasgow City Centre. Photographed by Guo

‘Studded Leather Jacket a must this season’ Photographed by Guo

‘ Colour is the touch of the eye, music to the deaf, a word out of the darkness.’ Photographed by Guo.

‘Camel pea coat, winter’s favourite’ At Argyle Street, City Centre . Photographed by Guo.

‘Noir never goes out style’ At Glasgow City Centre, Photographed by Guo.