Forever Autumn II [Oeuvre]

University Avenue, University of Glasgow. Photographed by Lucy Shardalow

‘Effortless swagger’ Photographed by Lucy Shardalow.

‘Moon boots prove that futurism is a must this fall’ Main, Gate University of Glasgow. Photographed by Lucy Shardalow

‘The Unorthodox & The Uncoventional ‘ Photographed by Michael Raymond.

‘Bold, Colorful and electric’ Fraser Building, University of Glasgow.

Main Library, University of Glasgow. Photographed by Michael Raymond

‘Less is more’ Fraser Building, University of Glasgow Photographed by Lucy Shardalow.

“Eloquence under a threadbare blazer” Photographed by Guo

“The power is in the hair” Photographed by Guo

” How intelligent is it to start the day by throwing a scarf around your neck?” -Photographed by Guo

“Fashion is just second nature with me. It’s not like an obsession or anything.I mainly find my inspiration in Tom Ford ” Joe Awuse -Photographed by Guo

University Campus-Photographed by Guo

University Avenue-Photographed by Guo

“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” -Photographed by Guo

“The truly fashionable are beyond fashion”-Ashton Lane Photographed by Guo

“Let me explain,with way less effort”-Photographed by Guo

“Ambivalent mixture of irresistible urges and inevitable taboos”-Hillhead subway station -Photographed by Guo

Hillhead Subway Station-Photographed by Guo