A Young Heart, Presenting Bronagh Monahan [En Amour]

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Belfast bred  singer/songwriter Bronagh Monahan , has slowly been captivating audiences in the thriving Glasgow music scene. We were invited to the Arches Glasgow on the 20th of February to witness first hand her stellar live performance in support of songstress Rae Morris. Upon arrival, shades of turquoise illuminated the entire venue and its audience remained cloaked in darkness. Appearing from the shadows, Bronagh appeared a bit nervous but confident. As she performed, her arresting vocals remained haunting yet fragile over somber piano keys. Her musings of men and relationships reflected an artist that sang with conviction, sincerity and wisdom above her years.

Sound cloud  – Bronagh,  Facebook page  – here

After her performance, we interviewed Bronagh about her music and eclectic fashion taste.


MimosaLife -Is there a strong correlation between your fashion taste and your music?

BronaghI guess so, my fashion taste can change everyday and its the same with my music. I’m pretty open to a lot of styles. However, I like to, both in my music and clothing, keep things classic a lot of the time. There are certain fashion pieces that will never go out of style eg leather jackets, a good pair of jeans, ballet pumps. And in music a lot can be said for being classically trained, I studied Classical Singing at university. I understand what the fundamentals of music are and know what is pleasing to the ear…well I hope so anyway!


MimosaLife – What era or time period greatly influences your fashion tastes and preference?

Bronagh – I love looking at photos of French fashion in the 60’s and 70’s. Women were so chic and had impeccable style. They like to mix feminine pieces eg A line skirts, shift dresses with a masculine edge eg fitted collared shirts. I love this look, particularly that of Brigitte Bardot, her makeup and hair always looked incredible.


MimosaLife – What are the fashion essentials that you can not live without?

BronaghProbably my dark pink Pea coat, it has quarter length sleeves and black buttons, a good coat will last you for years. My black leather shopper bag I got from H and M, I can carry my whole life in it. Silk scarves, good for putting colour into an outfit. And my jeans, always jeans.

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 Mimosa Life  – Who are your top three Fashion influences?

BronaghA girl called Lily Millers, she has a fashion blog LLYMLRS, I love her style its so accessible for people on a budget like me and her site always gives me high street options! And if money were no object, I’m always inspired by Kate Bosworth, she wears the most beautiful clothes and also Miranda Kerr, perfection.

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MimosaLifeMusic today is quite image conscious, most artists are increasingly becoming identifiable by their own signature style, what are you thoughts?

BronaghI certainly think there is the question of whether an artist is marketable or not and this can depend on them having a great sense of style. Its made me more aware of the way I present myself, I quite enjoy this though. Being a musician means you put yourself out there to be watched/listened to and if you can do it with a great outfit on then why not!