Introducing The Duttybreed Clothing Company [Concepteur]

The tee shirt is one of the simplest items of clothing – a practical and reliable canvas for your individuality. This most simple garment first found fame when James Dean rocked a plain, white tee in the film which equally made him legendary, Rebel Without A Cause. Thanks to Dean, the white tee shirt is still a wardrobe staple however, today it is difficult to find a tee which carries the same allusions of rebellion whilst looking effortlessly stylish. But just launched clothing line Duttybreed is the modern day answer to nonchalant urban swag.


Founded in Sheffield but now based in London, Duttybreed was set up by a group of friends with backgrounds in menswear. The stand out brand name derives from the West Indian slang for dirty, ‘dutty’ being the alleged phrase of choice the company’s founders would shout out in appreciation of a heavy bass line.

Having just launched this Autumn, Duttybreed is still finding its feet in the world of stylish street wear, but already seems like a vision that will gain fast popularity. Eight different styles are available to purchase from the online shop ( but the collection will be expanding and developing in the new year. The quality of the cotton is both soft and durable and the bold logos are guaranteed to garner attention.

Being such an over-crowded market, it isn’t easy for a new-born tee shirt company to swim above the big fish, equally for the consumer, it isn’t easy to find something unique, individual and of good quality to adorn your torso but if simplistic, stylish street wear is what you need, Duttybreed is the new brand to snap up.




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