Dysfunction Designs [Artdealerchic]

Dysfunction Designs is a Glasgow based company owned by Kristy Rice that specializes in handcrafted, elegant and intricate jewelry and accessory pieces. Her collection of necklaces and bracelets boasts of tribal, natural and alternative influences. Notably, Rice’s choice in natural materials – colourful clay beads, wood and occasionally metals complement each other brilliant to create these beautiful and earthy pieces that can be worn by all free spirits.

Below is our interview with Kirsty Rice on her creative process and the inspiration behind her jewelry collection

MimosaLife – What was the inspiration behind Dysfunction Designs ?

Kirsty Rice – Originally, DysfunctionDesigns was nothing more than a hobby of mine. I’d started making jewellery for myself as I wasn’t happy with the selection available on the high street. Everything looked the same and I wanted something different, something that was more me. As time went by, I started to receive more and more compliments on my jewellery and the positive feedback from others sparked the idea to open my Etsy shop. Since then I’ve been striving to create funky, one of a kind pieces for all those individuals and free spirits out there who are looking for the same thing I was.

Mimosa Life -It is evident, that there is a tribal theme recurring in some of your jewelry pieces, where do these influences come from?

Kirsty Rice – I love, love, love the whole tribal look! I really like the style and also the freedom it represents. There are so many jewellery designers out there focusing on precious metals and gemstones, but that’s just not me. The natural, earthy style of a lot of my pieces is not only enjoyable to create, but it also reflects my own personality. I feel that it’s important to make something I’m passionate about so that my customers and fans get the most from my jewellery. Any other style of jewellery just wouldn’t cut it for me.

Mimosalife – Are all the individual pieces handmade?

Kirsty Rice – All of the jewellery available in my shop is made by me. I mainly use clay beads, all of which are made by me, by hand. I sometimes add natural handcrafted wooden and bone beads in some of my creations to compliment these. I also make custom pieces on request.

MimosaLife- What is the process or craftsmanship that goes in the creation of  your  jewelry collection?

Kirsty Rice -When creating clay beads, I cut off the amount of clay I need and condition it until it is ready to work with. I then sculpt and texture each bead by hand before curing them in an oven. They are then ready to be laid out in a pattern on my trusty bead tray, ready for stringing. I like to use elastic cord to create stretchy, one-size pieces, but I also use beading wires and closures to make easy to wear and extendable pieces.

MimosaLife- How many individuals are involved in Dysfunction Designs.

Kirsty Rice – The show is run by me, myself and I. I’m a one woman machine at the moment and I do everything personally, from making the jewellery to taking product photos and packaging the orders ready for shipping. I hope to get more people involved with DysfunctionDesigns in the future and have plans to expand and open a bricks and mortar shop.

To Purchase click here – Dyfunction Designs

West End Promenade [Oeuvre]

On Friday November 17th, a quiet afternoon in the West End of Glasgow. The busy streets of Byres Road were awfully silent, the city appeared to be hibernation.Despite the piercing cold and rain, we encountered brave souls in our journey along Byres Road, Great Western Road and the Hillhead area. These individuals were clearly advocates of style over colourless layers, timeless fashion over trends or fads. Enjoy, share and hopefully be inspired.

‘A Modern Classic’, At Main Gate, University of Glasgow. Photographed by Guo

‘Military inspired Jacket, our personal favourite’ At Queen Margaret Union, University of Glasgow. Photographed by Lucy Shardalow

‘ Quirky & Eclectic we are enamoured’ At Byres Road, Photographed by Lucy Shardalow.

‘ The perfect marriage of comfort & style’ At Hillhead Street, Photographed by Lucy Shardalow

At Ashton Lane, Photographed by Lucy Shardalow

At Ashton Lane, West End Glasgow. Photographed by Lucy Shardalow

At Main Library, University of Glasgow. Photographed by Lucy Shardalow

At Main Library, University of Glasgow. Photographed by Lucy Shardalow

At Main Library, University of Glasgow. Photographed by Lucy Shardalow.

At University Gardens, University of Glasgow. Photographed by Lucy Shardalow

‘Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises’ At Main Library, University of Glasgow. Photographed by Lucy Shardalow

Glasgow City Centre Promenade [Oeuvre]

On a chilly November afternoon, Oeuvre our street fashion initiative made its debut in Glasgow’s Centre area. We were astonished by the fashionistas we encountered in our promenade along St Enoch, Argyle street and Buchanan street. Without fail, these individuals demonstrated an unequivocally level of taste and  uniqueness in their respective fashion choices. Enjoy, share and be inspired.

‘Winter Chic at its best’ At Trongate, Glasgow City Centre . Photographed by Guo.

‘The unconventional, The intriguing.’ At Merchant City, Glasgow City Centre. Photographed by Guo

‘Ultraviolet, we approve’ At Buchanan Street, Photographed by Guo.

‘Encore, Encore,Encore’ Photographed by Guo.

‘The balance between elegance and comfort’ Photographed by Guo

At Argyle Street, High Street, Glasgow City Centre. Photographed by Guo

‘Studded Leather Jacket a must this season’ Photographed by Guo

‘ Colour is the touch of the eye, music to the deaf, a word out of the darkness.’ Photographed by Guo.

‘Camel pea coat, winter’s favourite’ At Argyle Street, City Centre . Photographed by Guo.

‘Noir never goes out style’ At Glasgow City Centre, Photographed by Guo.